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Archangel Michael Cards - Original Editions
- Sold Out -


The ORIGINAL printing of The Michael Project - Archangel Michael's “Tools for Remembrance” - is SOLD OUT.

However, we do not despair as I have been working on the Second Edition, where we are including much more in depth material on certain main aspects, such as increasing the vibration of All – Ascended Master Qualities, inherent within your feeling body - much more information on how to manifest the Power of the Violet Flame; Archangel Michael’s Cosmic Blue Flame into your personal experience. All of these changes - there are more than I have referred to - will add about 33% more extremely valuable information, for YOU to manifest Joy, Harmony, Peace into your appearance world. Understand this information assists you in defeating troublesome problems in your present experiences. We are Human - and with it comes many experiences - some deemed good, some bad, however we must work through them.


The Current Path of Centarsus

I myself am now going through my own travails, tribulations, defeating the appearance of Cancer in my body. I am focusing 95% of my time on defeating this appearance – and if you have ever gone through Chemo or Radiation - there is no need for an explanation on the Horror of it all. The most prominent aspect is the complete lack of Energy.

That is why we are taking a bit of time off from working, and are committing all our Energy and resources into coming upon a total healing. In – deed – in the doing it gets done.

In the meantime – I have stopped doing Privates, Seminars, and am not traveling.

The Michael Project
Version 2 Coming Soon

Make Your World Brighter! If you buy the pictures, you will be making your life brighter and helping James at the same time. You get a brightened up world and Centarsus gets assistance paying for the medical supplies. Thankfully, the Flames and Cosmic decrees cost nothing! J

I use all three of these paths; Present day Technology, all botanical products, and Meditations & Decrees. Again, stay tuned over the next year, we will post when the New Set, is coming out.




How to Purchase

As mentioned above, I have put a hold on doing private sessions, seminars, and I am not travelling.

However, because I still have to bring home an income and our energy level is compromised, I am still selling prints of my paintings.

I have selected 3 of my favourites; if you were to purchase this set of three I will include an 8.5" x 11" print of the Archangel Michael's "Sword of Blue Lightning". Purchase for 30 Dollars and I will sign all four prints before sending.

If you desire different prints as your three please email me and I will adjust the order to your liking.

This will help me and hopefully brighten up your space.

Thank you.

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